Significant flexibility characterises brideprice and various methods control certain Dagaaba congeries

Significant flexibility characterises brideprice and various methods control certain Dagaaba congeries

Which loss of the bridewealth diverges on really commercialised repayments advertised within the urban areas in Ghana and you can somewhere else (Shope, 2006; Posel & Rudwick, 2013)

The latest fee from bridewealth occupies a significant status from the matrimony techniques across the ethnicities for the northern Ghana, along with Dagaaba, Frafra and Builsa regions. Among the Dagaaba, the brand new bridewealth, kyeuri, mainly constitutes such factors since libi-pe?le (cowrie shells, get a hold of Contour step 1 ), fowls, cig and you will cola wild. In many cases, the degree of cowrie shells should be in keeping with whatever was taken care of the bride’s mother. In other occasions, reddit Østerrike brud bonds away from solidarity between the household or settlements of the bride and you may bridegroom result in a decrease in the fresh new payment, just in case the new bride’s agnatic kin influence you to definitely before the new groom’s household members energized a premier brideprice getting a married relationship, he or she is likely to along with require an excessive fee. Nonetheless, there are also standardized relationships payments across the Dagaaba options. Right now, an average of 2000 cowries, otherwise cash similar, are generally approved once the bridewealth inside Serekpere and its particular environments. This amount means a great grave avoidance away from an amount of 20,000 and more than cowries which had been approved in identical city regarding the 1990s. Inside the framework out of neoliberal financial procedures, and you can diminishing agricultural productivity profile in this fine environmental zone, the interaction which have gatekeepers showed that the latest cutback to the matter out-of cowries is intended to generate relationship affordable. Importantly, the fresh new percentage is not contingent upon the factors of one’s bride-to-be, that’s, perhaps the bride to be is highly educated, divorced, has provided delivery or not since reported somewhere else (Borgerhoff Mulder, 1989, 1995; Anderson, 2007). This new standard norms ruling the technique of bridewealth are prepared out if negotiable regardless of the fresh new bride’s socio-economic position or the amount of legal rights moved.

Anderson (2007: 159) account you to definitely during the setup across the Africa, the wedding percentage is actually normatively elevated by the groom’s ‘father, father and you will father’s brothers, with mother’s brothers and come up with quick contributions’

New bridewealth one of several Dagaaba, because around the societies in the outlying north Ghana, is an intricate means of dealings involving the agnatic kin from the new bride and groom and you can, generally speaking, a third party, titled a great dendeo, a married relationship liaison. Normally, a wedding liaison are a person on groom’s community exactly who has many relationships from the bride’s settlement. The fresh dendeo prospects the brand new groom’s family relations towards bride’s agnatic kin, first to officially require their unique hand in relationships and to pay the brideprice. The latest affairs of one’s dendeo into the bride’s loved ones mean that aforementioned try considerate with the groom with his kin. The previous in addition to pleads on the part of this new groom’s kinsmen in the event the the newest bride’s family unit members want so you’re able to charge an exorbitant brideprice. As bridewealth has been transferred to and you may recognized by bride’s kin, the marriage relationship is created and legitimated.

Normatively, the new yirdandoo, your mind of your own family, as opposed to the dad of your own bride-to-be, ‘s the custodian of the cowries put since the relationships money. At the a team dialogue in Nator, close Serekpere, showing new role of your direct of the clan, Mwinyella, research new member, informed me, pointing so you’re able to his paternal bro that is your face from his clan, that: ‘so it guy is my dad and therefore whenever i marry they could well be their obligations to [pay the bridewealth] for me’. But really, to possess family in place of information designated because bridewealth, the fresh new groom along with his agnatic kin are responsible for elevating they. Which varies, to some degree, regarding the Dagaaba account shown right here. Yet , they resonates with bridewealth strategies one of certain Frafra congeries, in which normatively the latest groom’s father and father’s brothers have the effect of paying the bridewealth and you can in which he is incapable of boost they the latest bridegroom turns to help you his father’s or mother’s brothers to own help.